On behalf of the of the students and staff at Churubusco Jr-Sr High School, I want to thank our community and Eagle families for their support during the heartbreaking loss of our senior, Emma Lewis. Our students could tell they were supported by the immediate presence of the Bowen counselors, local clergy, local therapy dog owners, and additional visits by our school therapist. In conjunction with our student services, our students will have the opportunity to participate in group grief therapy sessions conducted by Erin’s House if they should choose to do so.

As a new member of the Eagle family, I have been impressed by the response of the staff at Smith-Green Community Schools and especially at CJSHS. The teachers have been trained in “Question, Persuade, Refer” (QPR) to identify the signs of suicide and to seek out assistance. Our students also have access to information and hotlines to seek out help on the back of their student ID cards. On Monday, our student support team visited classrooms to ensure students that were struggling with this tragedy were given direct support. It truly was humbling and awe inspiring to see the amount of care the adults were able to bring to our students.

Thank you again, Eagle families, for your strength and support. It is always appreciated.

Terrence Roe