Spread Positivity with Soaring with Kindness!

What is Soaring with Kindness?

Soaring with Kindness is a PBIS initiative at Churubusco Junior-Senior High School that allows parents, students and community members to share positive messages and shout-outs to their peers, teachers, and staff, that will be displayed around the building!

Why participate?

A simple note of appreciation can brighten someone's day and create a more positive and supportive school environment. Soaring with Kindness is a fun and easy way to:

  • Recognize achievements and acts of kindness.

  • Show appreciation for your teachers and classmates.

  • Spread positivity throughout the school.

How does it work?

  1. Visit the Soaring with Kindness page on the CJSHS webpage. 

    1. Soaring with Kindness Link

  2. Choose the person you want to recognize.

  3. Write a short message of appreciation or encouragement to be displayed around the building.

  4. Submit your note!