Special Education Services

Smith-Green Community Schools serves students who are eligible for special education services from pre-school to high school age. Our program is a very inclusive one so that whenever possible students are assisted within the general education setting. The majority of our eligible students are served in this manner. However, there are some students with more intensive needs who are served within the setting needed to meet these needs. 

Special Education Links and Documents:
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Special Education Rights
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Preschool and Early Development Concerns

Mild Disabilities At each level, at least one teacher is available who is certified in mild disabilities. This program includes students who are learning disabled, mildly mentally disabled, autistic, other health impaired, or other disability as determined by the case conference committee.

Intense Disabilities Students with moderate or severe cognitive disabilities as well as other significant educational needs may attend the intensive needs program at Churubusco Elementary School or in Northwest Allen County Schools at the secondary level.

Emotionally Disabled Students who are in need of an intense program for the emotionally disabled (ED) attend the programs located in Northwest Allen County Schools. Less restrictive programming for students who qualify as having an emotional disability can also be provided at Smith-Green Community Schools with consultation from a behavior specialist as well as a teacher licensed in ED.

Hearing Impairment Students with hearing impairment are serviced through our mild disabilities program with consultation from a teacher licensed in hearing impairment as well as direct or consultation services from a speech and language pathologist. A continuum of services is available for students with hearing impairment depending on the severity of hearing loss.

Communication Disorders Smith-Green Community Schools has a speech and language pathologist who provides services to students ages preschool to high school.

Early Childhood This educational program is for children who are three to five years of age is located at Churubusco Elementary School. There is one session in the morning, with students attending the program two to four days a week.

School Psychologist School Psychologists are professionals trained to work with pre-schoolers, children, adolescents, and their teachers and families.  They work with all school personnel to help make education for students a positive and rewarding experience.  Details ...

Itinerants There are also services that can be provided by itinerant teachers for students who meet eligibility requirements for special education. A description is available at the link below.  Details ...

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