Workplace Readiness

Last Updated: 1/13/2020 8:03 PM

Life and Workplace Readiness at Churubusco

Throughout students four years of high school at Churubusco Jr./Sr. High School, students will partake in several opportunities to prepare them for life and workforce upon graduation.  The plan for life and workforce readiness focuses on PRIDE.  PRIDE is an acronym representing workforce skills recognized by the Indiana Department of Workforce Development.  PRIDE stands for Persistence, Respectfulness, Imitative, Dependability, and Efficiency.  The PRIDE 4-year plan for life and workforce readiness, includes the following opportunities:

9th Grade

-Mentorship: Each freshman will partake in mentor sessions focusing on the elements of PRIDE from September to March of their freshmen year.   Students will be assigned a local community or business member as a mentor.  Students will meet with their mentor once a month, working through activities and discussions revolving around ideas of PRIDE. 

-Preparing for College and Careers: This required course for all freshmen introduces students to twenty-first century life and career skills.  It helps students recognize potential career paths and the necessary training required.  By the end of the class, students will familiarize themselves with the 16 national career clusters, as well as develop a career plan for their future. 

10th Grade

- Pathway-Specific Job Shadow: Job shadowing is an academically motivating activity designed to give students an up-close look at the world of work and potential careers.  The primary objective of career job shadowing is to observe the knowledge and skills that are used every day on the job, and to participate in sample activities. During their sophomore year, each sophomore will participate in a full-day or half-day job shadow to nearby businesses, highlighting a specific career pathway.  The pathways covered in previous job shadows include careers in the trades, manufacturing, healthcare, education, business, agriculture, and public service. 

-Personal Financial Responsibility: This required course teaches students how identify and manage personal financial resources to meet their own financial goals and needs going forward.  Students in this course learn about budgeting, banking, credit, home ownership, savings, investing, and insurance.  

11th-12th Grade

- College/Career Fair: All juniors and seniors are invited to attend the Whitley County College and Career Fair held in the fall.  This fair highlights universities across Indiana and careers available to students from local Whitley County businesses.  

-Governor’s Work Ethic Certificate:  As seniors, students will have the opportunity to work towards the Governor’s Work Ethic Certification Program.  This certificate recognized by employers and universities across Indiana, measures student’s workforce readiness based on the PRIDE characteristics.  Students who enroll to earn the Governor’s Work Ethic Certificate, must complete 6 hours of community service, have a GPA of 2.0 or higher and meet all graduation requirements, have an attendance rate of 98% with fewer than 4 sign-in/sign-outs from school, and one or fewer discipline referrals for the year. Students that earn this honor can earn guaranteed job interview, increased based pay, professional mentoring, bonus vacation days, sign-on bonus, tuition reimbursement, health club membership, and flexible scheduling. Students can enroll at the end of their junior year. 

-In-Depth Work-Based Learning Experience- During student’s junior or senior year, they will complete an in-depth work-based learning experience.  This experience can focus on the development of workplace skills or their future career.  It can include any work experience, internship, participation in ICE or Work-Based Learning, full-day job shadow, or service-learning experience. 

-Interdisciplinary Cooperative Education Student (ICE- Co-op Work Experience): A school-supervised and structured 15 hour/week paid work experience during their 12th grade year arranged by the school and the employer to lead to an occupational goal. This experience is for the entire school year and includes a training agreement and a training plan, which couples the classroom learning with the workplace experience.

-Student Out-of-School Internship: An unpaid, supervised work-based learning experience which links a 12th grade student with an employer for a planned set of activities often designed to give the student a broad overview of a business or occupational career pathway.