Social Studies

Last Updated: 12/17/2019 2:51 PM

By the end of this school year,

  1. 80% of the students will show mastery of the Indiana power standards by passing 80% or higher on the quarterly assessments.

The Social Studies Department believes that every student is to be given the opportunity to learn the knowledge and skills to prepare them to be a productive and successful citizen in the global society; and that it's the student's responsibility to participate; be prepared; be punctual; be positive; and be polite in class in order to create the optimum environment for learning. We also believe that every student is to be treated fairly and receive the appropriate grade based on their completed classroom assessments and tasks; should have a strong understanding of the functions of our nation's government and economy in order to fully participate as a citizen; should know our nation's cultural heritage and history to better carry forward our traditions and values to future generations; should actively participate as citizens serving their community and country.


Rod Strayer (Dept Head)
Breann Brown
Shannon Beard
Jarod Thompson