Social Studies

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PHILOSOPHY: The primary purpose of Social Studies is to train all students for responsible and effective citizenship. To this end we embrace all disciplines which are concerned with people and society, from earliest time to the present, studying the history and social practices of all cultures throughout the world.

OBJECTIVES: Our Social Studies program is a coordinated program for grades 6 through 12. We strive to reach the following specific goals through instruction that is aligned with Common Core and Indiana Standards.

  1. Present an in-depth study of our state and country‘s history, attempting to develop, along with knowledge, an appreciation of our cultural heritage.
  2. Develop a working knowledge of state and national government in a democracy, emphasizing rights, privileges, responsibilities, and to promote good citizenship by developing respect for the law.
  3. Encourage active participation in government at various levels.
  4. Teach students the basics of economics, as they apply to their personal lives as well as national economy.
  5. Encourage students to become informed through the news media, newspapers, TV, periodicals, and on-line resources via the internet.
  6. Develop library and research skills in order to know how to and where to find specific information. Be able to organize and use data effectively in making decisions and generalizations.
  7. Develop skills in reading and interpreting maps, charts, and graphs. Be able to locate countries and principle cities throughout the world.
  8. Develop an understanding of the various cultures throughout the world. Help students see we live in a global society.
  9. Introduce students to social studies related careers.
  10. Finally, challenge each student to develop his or her own skills in order to cope successfully with the complex problems of modern society.

The Social Studies Department

  • Believes every student is to be given the opportunity to learn the knowledge and skills to prepare them to be a productive and successful citizen in the global society.
  • Believes it’s the student’s responsibility to participate; be prepared; be punctual; be positive; and be polite in class in order to create the optimum environment for learning.
  • Believes every student is to be treated fairly and receive the appropriate grade based on their completed classroom assessments and tasks.
  • Believes all students should have a strong understanding of the functions of our nation’s government and economy in order to fully participate as a citizen.
  • Believes all students should know our nation’s cultural heritage and history to better carry forward our traditions and values to future generations.
  • Believes all students should actively participate as citizens serving their community and country.
  • Believes all students should know other cultures of the world and geography skills in order to compete in the global society.


Rod Strayer (Dept Head)
Breann Brown
Bradley Buzzard
Jarod Thompson

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