Science Department Goals


  1. Students will develop knowledge, understanding, and skills sets based on the Indiana Science Standards through assessments in a variety of areas including labs, investigations, research, discussion, and presentation.
  2. Students will utilize and understand the process of the scientific method by following the guidelines in laboratory investigations and using the grading rubric for lab investigations.
  3. Technology will be used daily to pursue academic excellence by supplementing and supporting instruction that is driven by the Indiana Science Standards and based in real-word applications.
  4. Teachers will guide students to connect each lesson to real-world problems using a science focused, multidisciplinary approach.
  5. Students will take an active part in their own learning by participating in group work, discussing ideas and concepts with peers and teachers, and taking ownership during investigations and labs. 

Science Department Belief Statement

We believe that students learn best through hands-on, problems solving, and discover-based learning.  Science is best learned when connected to real-life experiences.  Overall, we believe that good science curriculum should motivate students to pursue further science education and science-related career fields.


Terri Uchtman (Dept Head)
Elizabeth Gould
Brandon Pollock
Sarah Jacobs

Churubusco Jr-Sr High School   |   1 Eagle Dr.   |   Churubusco, IN 46723