Technology at SGCS

What A 21st Century Classroom Looks Like:

TEACHER- The role of the teacher is most critical when applying the laws of a 21st Century Classroom. The attributes a 21st Century teacher exhibit are:

  • Facilitator- Guides the student to discover the outcome for themselves. They balance the need to know and want to know.
  • Learner- Being part of the learning process ignites the ‘always growing lesson.’ It allows students to feel valid in society and instills in them the power to do
  • Entertainer- Knowing your audience engages learning to take place. Be creative!
  • Role Model- Setting the bar high and accept nothing below it keeps students challenged. Never finishes on errors.
  • Partner- Gives student the feeling they are not alone in the education process

TECHNOLOGY- The use of technology in the classroom goes beyond research and processing. Technology in a 21st Century Classroom is a medium for creating, not just a tool to aid learning. A 21st Century classroom uses technology t

  • Broadcast
  • Visually Create
  • Connect
  • Collaborate
  • Build
  • Share
  • Express

STUDENT- A student who is exposed to good 21st Century teaching practices and proper use of technology will:

  • Focus on Concepts- not facts
  • Receive an authentic learning experience- Students will be able to work on the same project, but have individual objectives
  • Be placed in the center of learning, not guided there (wastes time)
  • Know WHAT they want to learn about- balance the need to know and want to know
  • Be Challenged
  • Be Globally Aware- feels valid in society and has the power to DO
  • Have the freedom to explore within set parameters
  • Be Creative- engaged in learning
  • Not be alone in the education process
  • Not finish on errors

WORK IN PROGRESS...This is a fluid document as the nature of 21st Century Learners and Learning is ever-changing.

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