Guidance Information

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Guidance Department Staff

Sondra Cook – Director of Guidance & School Counselor for grades 9-12
Kim Burns – School Counselor for grades 6-8
Allison Rinker – Jr-Sr High School Guidance Secretary & School Registrar

Mission Statement

The mission of the Smith-Green Community Schools School Counseling Program is to provide the assistance and support needed to insure that all students acquire the academic, career, and social/emotional competencies necessary to become successful and productive citizens who are able to compete in a world class economy.


The goals of the Smith-Green Community Schools Comprehensive School Counseling Program include:

  • Implement strategies and activities to maximize student learning through high quality work, commitment, and academic success to be prepared for all postsecondary options
  • Assist students in 1) understanding the connection between school and the world of work and 2) plan for and make a successful transition from school to postsecondary education and/or the world of work and from job to job across the life span
  • Assist students in acquiring and effectively applying the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions

Planning for College

As a parent, you want the best for your child’s future. Planning should begin as early as middle school. If you wait until the junior or senior year of high school, you’ve waited too long. 

What should my child do?

  1. Your child’s ability to read, write and use a computer is the most important and basic skill needed for the future. 
  2. Your child needs a firm foundation in rigorous, high level math and English courses. 
  3. Your child should take advantage of courses offered in science, social studies, foreign languages and performing arts. 
  4. Your child must learn good study habits. 
  5. Your child should consider what he or she wants to do after high school and discuss options with the school counselor or teachers.

Tips for Parents with Middle School Teens

Tips for Parent with High School Teens



All scholarship information is sent to both parents and students in a monthly e-mail from Mrs. Cook to all students’ school e-mail addresses for grades 9-12 and to all parents who have put e-mail addresses on their student’s school enrollment form on registration night, which takes place each August before school begins.  Please be sure to check your e-mail for this important information.  PDFs will also be posted here for you to access.  Please make sure you listen for announcements. 

Where should you look for scholarships?

Federal Student Aid

Scholarship Scams


Career Choice Help

My Next Move is an excellent website that has a career interest inventory and a career exploration program.  When you look up different professions, you can find out the skills needed, the personality traits that fit the profession, the training needed, and the job outlook including salary range.



Students are not required to take both tests; however, often students will do better on one test than the other.  The SAT has only math and English sections, while the ACT has math, English, and science sections.  Students are required to sign up online at the websites below:

Students will need to create a login and password and answer several questions prior to being able to pick a testing date and site.  It is recommended that students take the SAT/ACT in the spring of their junior year so if they do not like their scores they can re-take it first thing their senior year.  It does take 6-8 weeks for us to receive the scores and a college will not make an acceptance decision until they have the student’s scores.  Be sure to plan ahead! 

Studying for ACT and SAT



Armed Forces

For programs and resources regarding the army, please visit

For programs and resources regarding the navy, please visit

For programs and resources regarding the airforce, please visit

For programs and resources regarding the marines, please visit


Additional Info

Order My Transcript - Click on this link to order a transcript to be sent directly to the location you specify.


INvestEd is a free resource for Hoosier students and parents looking for help with college planning and financial aid. 


Guidance Documents

Senior Brag Sheet - PDF





Cappex - Scholarship Search Website

Coca Cola Scholarship- Due October 31, 2021

Heisman High School Scholarship-Due October 19, 2021

Knights of Pythias Education Assistance- Due January 25, 2022

Terry Lynn Frazier Scholarship- Due December 31, 2021

The College Board Scholarship Search Website

fastweb! - a scholarship search website